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Achieving your immediate goals will always be at the forefront of what we do. But to educate you along the way to elevate your understanding of your overall health and wellness is where this no longer is a short term diet, but a long term balanced lifestyle. Anyone can diet for 12 weeks, but can you now maintain that for 12 years? Balancing your life with fitness and creating a healthy relationship with food is everything!

“Competitiveness and a drive to be the best, has always been my mindset. Our past experiences help shape our personalities. I believe, looking back at my younger years…I am who I am because of my past experiences..”

What my clients have to say…

Jennifer Congdon

jennifercongdonMy experience on Team Atrain was nothing short of life changing. I came to Anthony frustrated, and as a last resort before surgery. I had loose skin on my abs from back to back pregnancies and even though I had managed to make it to my “goal weight” on my own, I did not have the body I wanted by a long shot. I was eating very little and doing crazy amounts of cardio, I was weak and tired all the time. Anthony designed a plan that seemed crazy to me at first, I had to force myself to eat all of the food he recommended! (I quickly got used to that and enjoyed it.) As the inches fell off I realized I had been doing everything backwards and it just took someone knowledgeable to make my goals attainable for me. I was completely shocked how well my body responded to the correct kind of food and training plan. What was even more shocking to me was how much more I started to enjoy life when I could be flexible, eat a lot of good food, workout really hard and then enjoy the rest of my life. I did very little cardio compared to what I had done before and it felt like I got my life back, haha. Everything has changed in this year, I got my body back and better than before, but I also got my health and strength back which is priceless. I feel young and strong and am doing things I never dreamed I’d be able to do. Anthony was patient and easy to work with, he was always encouraging and his expertise in his field is unparalleled. I highly recommend Anthony and his team and feel blessed for having the opportunity to work with them!

Kelly Buffin

kelly-buffinIt’s been some time since we last spoke, but I just want to deeply thank you SO MUCH for building me as a woman both mentally and physically. I have overcome many issues and bad eating habits that I was always too afraid to let go of.

Since our time together, I have lost an additional 6 pounds and gained a very great amount of muscle. 14 pounds lost in total since I began my journey with you and macro counting. I have never been this focused. Thank you. You have changed my life forever.


kristelToday is officially the last day of our contract! Indeed sad to say goodbye.

I think you must know that you are a lifechanger! Your instagram is your powertool! It appealed to me that you seemed so honest and sure about your business; no food restrictions, no pills, no tricks.. You are very sincere and authentic. That’s why I contacted you.

We don’t have a lot of money (luckily my family is happy and healthy) but I felt you were the one who could get me on the right track! So I invested.

All I had to do was be persistent, have tons of discipline and trust you as my coach. Every week I felt better when you encouraged me (and that with just email updates). I will try making forward progress on my own now. Just made a picture from the last ‘ big’ jeans! You see me smiling? 😉

Anthony, I can’t thank you enough and I can’t tell you how much you are appreciated!

I wish you all the best.

Digital hugs from the Netherlands!

Stefan Ekehaug

image1Working with Anthony has provided me with the knowledge, tools and inspiration to stay healthy through natural and hard work. Actually, the work is not even hard anymore. It has become a habit; it’s become who I am. The greatest challenge I faced when deciding to lose weight was that I didn’t know enough about the relationship between macronutrients, food and my body.

Anthony changed all that. Instead of being someone who told me what do to, he TAUGHT me what to do and understand WHY, so that I may continue further after the program is finished. It’s real easy telling someone “you should eat this and that”, but teaching someone from the ground up takes a whole other approach. That is what I got from Anthony. He explained how to set up my meals, my workouts and how to balance it all. He responded to every question, no matter how silly it may have sounded. That’s what makes a good trainer and mentor. His approach is about being the best person you can be and lead a fulfilling life. What good is a strong body if you’re generally unhappy?

For myself, I dropped 23kg during the program through proper nutrition and workouts. I never went hungry due to Anthony’s flexible eating-approach. I was never restricted to boring, tasteless meals. This has been the most rewarding part of my whole journey, a complete change in my relationship with food.

To say this has been a life-changing journey is an understatement. I now have a body and frame of mind I never thought possible because “it just doesn’t happen for me”. I needed a strong push in the right direction, and someone to teach me WHY. This is exactly what I got from Anthony, and it will continue to be rewarding in YEARS to come.

Hard work isn’t hard when it’s fun ☺

Anthony, it’s been an absolute pleasure.


M.R.The best fitness decision I have ever made. Anthony genuinely cares about his clients and their long-term health. He doesn’t care how far you you have to reach your goal, he’ll give you every tool you need to get there. He is not only an expert in the field of nutrition and fitness, he is also one of the most dedicated and hard working people I have ever come across. He will leave you inspired and motivated to become a better version of yourself.

Marc Boersema

marc boersmaI hired Anthony of Team Atrain to help me add some lean mass. My experiences I’ve had in the past trying to add weight and building have been minimal throughout my life. As a hard gainer it’s incredibly difficult to put on weight. I’ve put more food in my body in the last six months since I’ve been working with Anthony than I’ve ate in probably a year, no joke. I consider eating more of a workout than actually stepping into the gym. You see all the posts of everyone being hungry and they can’t have enough food. Well, I’m the opposite. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy eating, but I get really full. After every meal. Everyone I work with, my friends and family – they are all amazed by the food I put in. I just wanted to get the message out there to hard gainers: you can’t quit. And you HAVE to be consistent. Every journey is different. And then some. I’m well aware my journey will take me quite a while before my goals are reached and I’m okay with that. Will I feel like quitting, of course. I’ve had many personal discussions with myself lying in bed. We’re all human. If you do slip, don’t dwell. Accept it and move on. At least you’re trying. That’s what makes it a journey. Anthony teaches all this and drills it into his programs. And it’s amazing! I would recommend him to anyone. And since your reading this, you’re already on his site – that means you’re already intrigued. Send him that email. You won’t regret it, I didn’t.

Wesam Al Arayedh

wesamI always had a dream of achieving the best figure that I possibly can manage. I also knew that it is possible to do that as all the people who achieved their dream body managed to do so. On top of that, I didn’t ever want to take any assistive agents towards that as I just don’t see the point! I worked hard at the gym in three different continents while studying medicine and joined many gyms and had many different trainers. I did have some change but not even towards my idea of the body transformation I was looking for. I tried many different exercise routines and had many different brands of protein shakes. The protein shakes added more fat than muscle and I was lost as to how it could be possible to do all the hard work at the gym and in return only have mediocre results at best! I read many fitness magazines (as if I had time for that) and also joined numerous online fitness groups and trainers. Still no movement in terms of conceivable muscle gain, definition or fat loss. Some trainers blamed it on genes and others thought I was a hard gainer ectomorph!
With the advent of instagram I came so discover many fitness models and more online trainers. I came across Anthony (@atrain_100). I thought I’d give him a try as I was still looking for a magic pill (fat burner but no steroids or hormonal agents) or a miracle protein shake. I can really and honestly tell you that since I came to know Anthony as my diet and cardio coach, the rest is history. He had the missing link in my fitness life that I was missing as I do work hard at the gym with my weight training coach but still could not quite achieve what I was looking for. He (Anthony) challenged everything I knew about fitness and body building! The first thing he did was make protein shakes and like of that obsolete! The whole process changed. He gave me my program and the rest is history. I kid you not that I started seeing the change from the first week after I joined. It was not even a real start as we agreed to have a soft start for a week since I was traveling at that time. Over the first six months course with Anthony I developed the transformation of my life. I became slim with muscle definition and vascularity that I never knew possible. All of a sudden I can even see muscular striations and named veins (from Anatomy class) on ME!! I thought, who is this person that I was turning into? So it is possible for me to become him (the new me) and how was it so difficult before??? Now that I am in my second six months course with Anthony (Tony, you will have me as you client for life buddy!) not only am I seeing an incredible transformation with more muscle bulk, definition and fat loss, but people around me are inspired. I cannot tell you how that makes one feel, especially in this field. I inspired people to become doctors, but inspire people (family and friends) to be fit and ask me how I did it? Now that’s truly amazing! Many people from my family and gym joined Anthony and are amazed at their own transformation. Now they are inspiring others as well! True that it’s not easy, but its not that difficult either. It takes discipline, focus and determination, or otherwise this program is not for you and in my opinion, nothing else will work. The twice weekly checks, diet changes and exercise suggestions keep you on track with endless inspiration. Adjusting the diet according to inevitable life responsibilities like travel and time constraints is like child’s play to him and there’s nothing impossible. Factoring in faith demands in terms of dietary exclusions and adjustments is a matter of mastery to Anthony. Thank you Anthony endlessly and despite the great state I reached with you, I know that the best is yet to come.

David Forsyth

david-forsythSo today is the final day of our time together…  I had a lot of fun! I learnt a lot and was inspired more and still get inspired every time I see your instagram posts.  I might not have been the best client and maybe didn’t try as hard as I should have but none the less you have transformed my life and my body.  In total I lost 15kgs and 8cm round my waist so my general appearance looks much better.  My confidence in myself is high at the moment and you have taught me a lot about eating and training. Personally the past six months has also been a trial, a little rocky road in the marriage as well as a heavy work load which just increased and increased and is still increasing.  With my marriage my wife and I dug deep and truly connected proving to ourselves how strong we are as a couple, my kids are growing fast and are so happy.. If our kids are that happy we can’t be so bad right?? With work the bigger my plate got the more I put my head down and just drove and pushed forward, the result is in the group I now run 4 companies and possibly next year will be venturing into London and California.. Watch this space!! So why did you help me with these two important aspects of my life??  Well you inspire me first off with everything you do as well as your commitment to your clients and to yourself.  The fact that you don’t take supplements and are a full natural athlete is just mind blowing!! Also your journey next year for the IFBB I will watch and support you 1000%.  Having had the six pack and everything when I was younger and knowing that I cheated my way there and it was still such hard work the fact you are you just inspires!  Also your always smilling.. Haha. Stay happy man its so refreshing!  So by being dedicated and focused like you and staying happy everything panned out and the road ahead looks even better.  Sure there are speed bumps but it is a short hiccup and I treat them as such and move forward.  A clean and healthy body brings a clean and healthy heart, brain and life! I promise to stay on the path and I will reach my goals for my body as I commitment I made to myself and when I am in your hood I will let you know and maybe we have a coffee. Its been a pleasure Anthony and thank you for everything! Stay focused and stay happy!