Top 2 Reasons WHY Your Body is Outsmarting Your Diet

by Robin Romero


Have you ever taken a moment to realize how profoundly amazing the human body is?  I mean we talk about products being durable and built to last – but did you every pause and realize how our bodies are built that way?

I mean think about it.  You get a cut and what happens?  The platelets and proteins in your blood plasma work together to clot so you don’t bleed to death, and your body forms a scab to keep out infection so you don’t die.  And what about when you get sick?  Your body raises your temperate and gives you a fever to kill off the virus – again so you don’t die.  If you swallow something wrong your body starts to cough so you don’t choke and die.  When you’re cold you shiver, a mechanism still engrained in us from the days when we were furry apes and that shiver would fluff up our hair and trap in more heat so we don’t freeze and die.  A lot of our bodily functions and response mechanisms stem from our very roots of these cavemen predecessors.

Pretty cool to think about, right?  Stick with me, I’m going somewhere.  Once you understand how our bodies are designed to keep us alive – you’ll understand 2 very big issues when you’re dieting – the way your metabolism is affected by stress and dieting.

Let’s start with stress.  Think back to our caveman ancestors.  They weren’t stressing about bills or whether their abs were on point.  They stressed about food.  When was the next meal coming?  Stressed over whether or not their hunting skills were on par to snag them a nice kill to feed the tribe.  When food was sparse, stress levels rose.  So guess what happens then?  The body’s protective instincts kick in, slows Mr. Caveman’s metabolism to keep him alive until the next meal came.  How does that affect YOU?  He’s your ancestor.  Your body associates stress with lack of food.  Your stress levels rise, your metabolism drops.

This is a very similar response when you’re dieting – either in an extreme manner, or for an extended period of time.  Mr. Caveman wasn’t worried about his beach body or looking for his quad sweep, he just wanted to live. Being lean wasn’t ever on his radar.  In fact his body wanted fat stores for energy in case he was stuck going for days on end without a big meal.  So dieting itself is against all of our human instincts!  This is where the dreaded “plateau” comes in that we hear about so often!  It’s yet another protective response mechanism our body does to stay alive!  Since Mr. Caveman wasn’t worried about how his physique looked but rather how it functioned, anytime he was eating in a caloric deficit – it was NOT by choice.  So his metabolism would slow down and keep him alive.  We may have lost the excessive body hair over the years (well most of us did anyway) BUT this metabolic adaptation is a trait we didn’t lose.  When you eat in a caloric deficit for a long duration OR in an extreme manner, your protective instincts kick in and your metabolism is going to slow down to keep you alive!

The more time you take to understand and appreciate how your body functions, the less mysterious setbacks in your training and dieting become.  Take the time to educate yourself or allow us at Team Atrain to guide and educate you to achieve your goals with lasting results!

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  • Matt Temby

    Good stuff Robin! Thanks for sharing!

    • robin romero

      Thanks for reading Matt. Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Kevin Burnham

    Great Read. Gotta keep this on my mind sometimes.

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