Client: Tyson Roberts



When I look over most client applications, almost every one of them is a person wanting to make a change physically, mentally, relationships with food, etc..  But on the rare occasion I get an application from someone who wants to do something for someone else.  Tyson came wanting to compete for his grandma. I know that sounds crazy but it all made perfect sense as I got to understand more.  See Tyson’s grandma had been diagnosed with breast cancer, and as a way to help give her strength he chose a battle for himself that would be tough.  To help show that Tyson, his grandma, his family… Were all in that fight together!!



Tyson worked his ass off throughout the entire prep, never once faltering on his check-ins.  He was literally a machine, pushing for more, wanting more and never stopping on his push for that stage.  It’s a rare quality to have the drive and will power at such a young age, but again Tyson is not the average 21 year old.




When it all came together and he was ready to step on stage at the INBA Tropix Show, that was held in North Queensland, he was beyond ready.  In his mind that was the easy part, because his challenge was nothing compared to the one his grandma had been fighting along side him.  So as the contest came to an end and they announced Tyson’s name as the Men’s Fitness Overall Champion, it only seemed fitting.  Tyson I really must say that you made far more people than just your grandma proud.  I know with your character and work ethic you will go a long ways and you have all of mine and my team’s support as you continue on your journey!!



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