Client: Stephen Mallei


Let me tell you all a little bit about Stephen. When we first started working together he sent me a picture of myself saying this was his motivation and this is what he wanted to look like.  I told him he absolutely could achieve that look, but it’s going to take a TON of hark work and consistency on his part to get there.

IMG_5182Now, some people would be motivated for a couple weeks and then get defeated at the rate that progress really happens (because it doesn’t happen over night), but not Stephen. He has busted his ass since day 1, never slowing down, constantly focused on his goals. In fact, we actually had to GAIN a bit in the middle of his plan so that he could fit into his wedding suit!


That kind of focus and determination – THAT’S what I love to see as a coach. It’s so easy to coast when the motivation just isn’t there or you want to take it easy, but that won’t get you to your goal. Being consistent for a long time is NOT an easy thing, but Stephen – you did that and I’m so proud of all the hard work you have displayed in our time working together.


This isn’t even your final transformation but I had to show you the respect you deserve by showing everyone just HOW FAR you have come.  60 lbs down and you look like a brand new man!  Phenomenal job bro!!!  

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