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“I feel like I’ve run out of options, doing the same things but only sticking to them for short periods.” As a high stressed accountant Shonty knew he was capable of more, he just needed some guidance in the right direction. You may look at his transformation and think he had it easy, ideal circumstances, genetically gifted.  Well let me tell you, he didn’t have an easy road!


First of all, this isn’t a 21 year old kid, Shonty is just shy of 40… crazy how training and nutrition can subtract years from your appearance, right? His age wasn’t a deterring factor for him, however one of the big challenges that made Shonty apprehensive about starting his plan is that he travels a lot for work. In this day, definitely not uncommon!  The thing is, I don’t look at traveling during programs as a bad situation.  It’s a learning experience, and Shonty was very open to learning new things.


Shonty also faced 2 injuries during our time together. I heard ZERO excuses from him.  We focused on keeping his meals on track, respecting his injuries, knowing that it was a chance to grow mentally stronger. Shonty has this great positive attitude, he knows what he’s capable of, and refused to settle and become a victim of his circumstances. He didn’t allow himself to slip into any holes he stumbled across that would have put him at the end of his plan with a mind full of “what ifs”, and even worse… “I could have done better.”


Shonty, you’ve given me your absolute all since day 1.  I’m not sure if 5 months ago you were truly able to comprehend what you were capable of, but I’m so glad you SHOWED me the potential that was lying within you just waiting to be revealed!

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