Robin Romero

Athletic Competition History

After discovering what a rambunctious child they had on their hands, Robin’s parents enrolled her in gymnastics classes at the age of 4 which is the very thing that started her fitness lifestyle. Robin grew up competing in dance, power tumbling and sports acrobatics. She is a two time national gold medalist in sports acrobatics and national silver medalist in power tumbling. Robin began competing in the bikini division of body building competitions after retiring from her competitive acrobatics daysand was immediately intrigued and enamored by the fitness industry.

Fitness Industry Achievements

After competing in bikini, Robin found that many other athletes were turning to her for training, nutrition and posing advice and became a certified personal trainer and sports nutritionist. Her passion for helping other people strongly won out over her desire to be in the spotlight so she retired from competing to give her more time to devote to helping other people learn how to live a healthy fit life. She began fitness modeling for a few lifestyle clothing companies and has been featured in Oxygen Magazine. Robin enjoys traveling across the country to various fitness expos with Promera Sports.


Certified Personal Fitness Trainer - ISSA

Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist - ISSA

Registered Yoga Teacher - RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance