Client: Matt Silvio


Something really unique about my client Matt, is that HE is not the one who applied for coaching. His wife emailed me after see how hard he was trying for YEARS to lose weight.  Matt wakes up at 4:30 AM to train, he’s a geo-chemist, he’s a very devoted father.  He NEVER stopped trying.  Brianna knew he deserved results for the effort he was putting in, and turned to Team Atrain for help.

After discussing his Type 1 diabetes, his insulin pump, his hypothyroidism, I truly began to understand the struggles Matt has faced in the past.  And the fact that he was still so dedicated to improving his health with so many cards stacked against truly gave me a glimpse into his character.


In a word – Matt is “Dedication.”  Not “dedicated” because that implies an ending, Matt is “dedication” – he’s an action.  He takes on a lot every day, he’s family man, he is NOW a Tough Mudder, he’s a runner having just completed his first (and certainly not last) half marathon, he is a giant success after dropping over 70 lbs despite the health challenges he’s faced with.

mattrace matttoughmudder

After seeing the progress Matt began to make, Brianna jumped on the team too!  And I can’t tell you how valuable the support system is that they’ve formed with each other.  These two are just crazy fun to watch, there’s support, motivation and sometimes even tough love, but there is SO MUCH laughing and smiling between them.  Together they make each other stronger and I know they’ll have continued success with the goals the set out to accomplish together!  And now that they’ve recruited Matt’s brother DJ into their fit gang, their support has only grown!

matt-halloween mattbrirun mattbri2

Matt, I want to thank you for trusting in me to guide you through all this.  I want to thank you for being a huge role model for diabetics, husbands and fathers everywhere.  You’re a remarkable man and I know you’ll continue to inspire every person you encounter!

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  • robin romero

    This is seriously so impressive Matt! I can’t even begin to imagine how many lives of people with diabetes that you’ve given a sense of hope to. Just WOW!

    • matt silvio

      Thank you so much for the kind words! I have had a few people contact me already with the IG post but know if you guys ever need a personal expereince story or people are looking for advice from a T1D or Hashimotos sufferer (thyroid) just let me know!

  • Nicole C

    As a T1D I am BEYOND encouraged! I started follow this couples IG a few weeks ago.

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