Client: Combiz Shams


Being able to literally transform yourself is something most people don’t think is ever achievable. With the will to do whatever it takes, you truly can become a new person and that is exactly what Combiz has done since the VERY start!

The thing I really respect about Combiz is he’s truly a man where what you see is what you get.  He’s passionate about 3 things in life – his family, being active, and wanting to see the world! 


With this crazy adventurous spirit, he needed a sustainable way of eating and training to compliment his lifestyle – not interrupt it.  He was open to ditching the crash diets and quick fixes that like so many of us, he tried in the past with lackluster results.

With his passion for being a man on the go, it was important for him to be flexible enough to grab meals in a pinch, have quick options for when he’s out on long hikes, and most importantly enjoy local cuisine while he’s traveling!  Food isn’t just fuel, it’s a meant to be enjoyed and is truly one of the best parts of traveling! 


Combiz, I gotta give it up to you bro. You took a chance and tried something new, maybe its your adventurous spirit that made you so willing to learn, but I’m grateful for all the effort and dedication you’ve shown.  Mind, body and spirit – you’re a whole new man!


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