Client: Colton Gilmore



What would it say if you woke up tomorrow, made a promise to you and ONLY you, to commit, to stop back-tracking, to ditch the bullsh*t excuses and blame game, and show yourself what you’re truly made of? This world is already full of enough complacent people waiting for their goals and dreams to just magically fall in their waist sides. We need more of the proactive DOers that go out and fight for what they want.


Colton is my Team Atrain online client and he made himself a promise to commit to the plan.  There’s no doubt that Colton had a great foundation to start with – but he KNEW he was capable of more and the only way he was going to achieve that is if he put in the work himself to get it.


Over the past 3 months he’s pushed himself to his edge and exceeded any and all expectations he had!  And frankly, he blew my expectations for him out of the water!  I can’t help but take a step back and smile at Colton’s transformation, imagining the satisfaction and sense of accomplishment he must feel knowing that he truly put his entire heart and soul into his plan, and more importantly the mutual trust we’ve built. Colton – thank you for never holding back and showing what true hard work and dedication looks like.  90 days to a completely new you!  Now let’s make some gains brotha!


If you want to be a part of #teamatrain I’m here to help. It’s about real people getting real results. Don’t ever be afraid to invest in yourself. Apply here

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