Client: Chad Perez


When you make the things you want in a life a priority, there are no room for excuses! Chad knew coming in he wouldn’t have ideal circumstances, but has remained focused and on point since DAY ONE.

I have to give Chad a lot of respect and credit. Working on a barge for weeks at a time, he has learned to adapt to every situation and has found a way to continuously make progress even when things haven’t be easy.

boxjumps chadweight

Most people would have given up at the first sign of things getting tough, but Chad NEVER complained even if that meant eating canned food because that’s all he had, or doing body weight workouts because he didn’t have access to weights or a gym. It’s the dedication that got him to strip away 27 lbs of fat and never look back!


Chad’s transformation happened because of HIM! He executed every single thing we came up with in our game plan and that’s how you make shit happen!!



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