Are You Coachable?

Are You Coachable?
With the chaotic schedules we live – full time jobs, families, errands, hobbies, travel, maintaining a social life – it’s no wonder countless people are turning to online coaching to help them out with their health and fitness goals!  Being able to do your workouts when it’s most convenient for you helps so many people get their workout in regardless of the schedule life throws at them on any given day.  Then there’s the nutrition aspect, having to ditch the McDonald’s drive thru for other quick options.  Online coaches can help you navigate through your busy life and still meet your health and fitness goals IF you are coachable!
So are you coachable?  Not everyone is initially – BUT you can absolutely take steps to make sure you’re getting the most out of your online training experience!  This is NOT exclusive to Team Atrain clients!  Regardless of who you’re training with, there are certain actions you can do on your end to ensure you’re getting your money’s worth out of your online coaching experience and maximize your results!
As much as we’d like to think that the mere act of forking over some cash to a well-educated coach is enough to bring us the results we’re looking for – it isn’t.  You actually have to make an effort! The cold hard truth is that half-assed effort yields half-assed results!  Invest yourself in your plan, you’re worth it!  If you’re struggling with motivating yourself to stick to your plan, to get to the gym, to go for a run, whatever, let your coach know!  Because guess what?  We’ve felt that way before.  Training isn’t always sunshine and rainbows, we lose motivation too.  The difference is, we find ways to reignite the fire and we’re more than happy to help you find what lights your fire!  As coaches, we want our clients to do well.  We WANT you to succeed.  And we’re willing to do whatever we can to help you, as long as you’re doing all you can to help yourself!
Being honest with your coach isn’t always easy, but it’s always important!  Let’s say you’re being coached to lose body fat, and for a few check-ins your weight is going up and you report that you’re sticking to your diet and training plan.  We’re most likely going to think otherwise.  Maybe you slipped up and had a few bites, licks and tastes of things you didn’t account for. Or maybe you completely fell off track and ate your body weight in ice cream in one day.  TELL US!  Your coach isn’t there to yell or reprimand you.  They’re here to help you get on track, stay on track, and change your life.  Be honest so that your coach knows how to best support you and your goals!
And ladies, be honest about your period! I KNOW it’s not fun to open up about it, but if you’re menstrual and retaining a metric sh*t ton of water as most of us do, say something!  Your coaches are professionals and will not grossed out by it, and it’s not a “TMI” situation.  Let your coach know if you’re looking and feeling bloated because you’re about to start your period.  Otherwise they may end up tightening up your diet when it’s really not necessary to because you’ll just drop that water weight in a few days!  Your coach doesn’t want to take away food if they don’t have to, and let’s face it you don’t want that either!
Body weight is an unstable thing, we’ve covered that in a previous blog here.  Coaches rely heavily on pictures to gauge your progress, not just what the scale says!  I have personally coached a few clients who NEVER stepped foot on a scale to break their emotional attachment to it, and went strictly based on pictures.  So send in TRUE pictures!  Don’t get artsy with your lighting, don’t pose to show your best angle (unless you’re in contest prep), and DO NOT USE A FILTER!!!!  Your coach needs to see what you actually look like, not what you’re pretending to look like.  Bright lighting, clear photographs, don’t block yourself with your phone, don’t show yourself only from the waist up!  Your coach needs to see the whole picture.  By either using a timer on your phone’s camera, or taking a video and taking a screenshot of the required angles, you don’t need another person to take your pics for you. And selfies are always a better option than no pics at all!
You know that saying, “If you fail to prepare, be prepared to fail.”?  You know what that’s a saying?  Because it’s true!  Your coach is there to help you navigate your way through whatever comes your way.  Maybe you have an anniversary, or birthday, or vacation coming up.  Doesn’t that usually involve eating something different?  Of course it does, and it should!  Celebrate moments in life, experience the local cuisine when you’re on vacation.  BUT – give your coach ample notice first!  Unless you’re in contest prep, most likely your coach can help you find ways to enjoy a special meal without falling off track.  
When the client/coach relationship truly becomes more like teamwork or a partnership, that’s where the magic truly happens.  Open and honest communication, true quality pictures, and some mutual respect can go a long way!  So there you have it folks.  A few tips on how to be more coachable to MAXIMIZE your own personal results and experience!
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