Anthony Perez

“Competitiveness and a drive to be the best, has always been my mindset. Our past experiences help shape our personalities. I believe, looking back at my younger years…I am who I am because of my past experiences..”

Younger Years

I poured my heart into sports as a child. Soccer and basketball were my main focus, until a knee injury benched me. In high school, I moved to water sports, and broke a 30-year school record in swimming. I had found my calling, and was so happy, at home, in the water. This is where I learned discipline and hard work; arriving for practice at 6 a.m. really teaches you a lot about yourself. I had a drive to be the best, not because I was angry or hostile at those who out performed me, but because I mused, “If they can, why not me”. It was an awareness, which I refer to regularly.


Hunger for More

After college and more swimming/ water polo, I needed something else… I work with my father, in every successful business, and although fulfilling, I craved more. I became a member at Gold’s Gym, where I was fortunate enough to be mentored by a veteran weightlifter that showed me the ropes. I was instantly hooked and realized this was what I craved, a personal challenge.

Giving Back

Training became a passion for me, which has led me to yet another passion – helping others become their very best. Whether in the gym, or assisting with nutrition, I honestly receive a great deal of fulfillment by teaching others/ helping them reach their goals. I’m all too familiar with the struggles and obstacles encountered while pursuing a dream; yet training others has become the perfect fit for me. Competing has given me back my own personal drive, but there is nothing like helping others.